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The New K-12 Draft SS Framework

American Social History Project Middle School and High School CCLS/Historical Thinking Connections

Find Someone who:

Link To Old Curriculum Guides

2-8-14 The Cold War at the Paley Center

Cold War Prezi Presentation

Duck and Cover

Atomic Alert!

Monsters are Due On Maple Street REMAKE

The Living Room Candidate

1-25 MCNY-Immigration

Professor Edward T. O'Donnell's Presentation and documents

Political Cartoons:

Commemorative Plaque - both.pdf
Commemorative Plaque - both.pdf

Commemorative Plaque - both.pdf
SIGHT Analysis Worksheet.pdf
SIGHT Analysis Worksheet.pdf

SIGHT Analysis Worksheet.pdf

1-9-14 The Metropolitan Musuem of Art: Professor O'Donnell's Presenataion:

Picturing America Resources:

Picturing America Home Page

Set of all 40 Images:


Prezi Link for Presentation



Image Analysis.docx
Image Analysis.docx

Image Analysis.docx

Picturing America/Picturing New York Home Page

Picturing America On Screen

Photo Editing Site

All 40 PA Images as Jpegs

Other image collections:

December 4th at N-Y Historical Society

Profesor Jackson's Presentation

N-Y Historical Workshop

Rockefeller Lesson

Summer 2013

TAH Post -Contet Test Survey

Facebook template

MCNY July 22nd

History Mystery

Building History

NYS Common Core Standards

New K-8 SS Framework

Curriculum Guides a Link to DOE and other published
resources for use in your classroom.


Session 1 11/27/12 @ N-YHS

National Archives Document Analysis Sheets

Historical Thinking Skills

New York Historical Society WWII & NYC

Materials form the New York Historical workshop

Teaching History Article about Common Core

Online New York Historical Curricum Materials

Professor Kenneth T. Jackson's PPT on WW II &NYC

Links to other WW II resources

Link to Dr. Seuss Cartoons
NY Times article about Terrorist attempt
NY Times Blog about NY in WWII
NY Daily News article about sinking of the Laffayette

What Should Truman Do Lesson

Session 2: The Great Depression: A Time of Struggle and Change; MCNY 12-18-12

Professor Czitrom's New Deal Presentation

NY Times WPA Article

NYCBOE 8th grade Unit Excerpt

Junior Scholastic Article

FDR Cartoon's

Session 3: Using Art In the History Classroom; Metropolitan Museum of Art 1-15-13

Activity Sheets:


Primary Sources:

Phil Panaritis' Washington's Crossing Presentation:

Morley Safer on Sunday Morning re Frames

Session 4: 2-6-13 ST. John's University: Music and History

NY Times article about "From Mambo to Hip Hop"

Mambo to Hip Hop Resources:

Looking at teacher work protocol

PBS Latin Music USA Site

Session 5: 3-13-13 The Queens Museum of Art: The Greening of NYC

Barry Lewis Presentation:

Panorama Resources:

Urban Park Design Lesson Resources:

MAY 14th 2013th at NARA


Session 1 11/14 @ NYPL, The Progressive Era

Professor Cornel's powerpoint presentation on the Progressive Era.

Find Someone Who Activity:

NY Times article about Political cartoons

NationaL Archives Lesson using political Cartoons from PM session

Political Cartoon activity by Amanda Dargan

Session 2 12/15 @ ST. John's; The Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Williams Presentation:

John Lewis Speech:

Literacy and Media Strategies: Sit Ins TaskFinal word

Viewing Guide:Videos in the Classroom Picture Prompts

Session 3 1/12/12 @ MCNY: The Grid and The Growth of the City and the Nation

NY Times article, with interactive map

MCNY Neighborhood explorer and community map resources:

Article about Seneca Village: 200th Birthday of the Grid

SS Concepts and themes:

MCNY Portal Collection

Session 4 2/6 @ ST. John's; World War Two in New York

Lesson and Documents from the National Archives

World War Two Photo Blog from Pacific Theatre

Link to Dr. Seuss Cartoons

NY Times article about Terrorist attempt

NY Times Blog about NY in WWII

NY Times article about sinking of the Laffayette

Session 5 3/5 at MCNY: New Deal In New York

Mural Project presented by Julie and Amanda:

NYC Public School Art: New Deal Era

New York Times Article about WPA in NYC

MCNY Federal Theater Project Resources

external image pdf.png Blogging the Great Depression VI.pdfexternal image pdf.png MCNY Photograph Analysis Worksheet.pdfexternal image pdf.png MCNY Document Analysis Worksheet.pdfexternal image pdf.png MCNY FTP Worksheet.pdf

Great Depression Reading:

external image pdf.png Depression reading2.pdf

TAH Presentation by Bronx TAH Program

external image pdf.png TAH-The New Deal .pdf

Slideshow by Bronx TAH Project Director, Philip Panaritis

external image pdf.png WPA Bronx-NY City ppt.pdf

Image Resources for New Deal and New York

external image pdf.png New deal resource A.pdfexternal image pdf.png New deal resource B.pdf

Bonus Army Lesson from LOC

Excerpt from old BOE Curriculum Guide

external image pdf.png Depression BOE unit.pdf

New Deal resources from Gotham Center

FDR Library Education Curriculum page

Session 6 4/30 at NYPL The Vietnam War

Excerpts from Patriots: Resource List

Lesson and Materials from Amanda's History Playlist lesson;

Link to NYPL protest image

Session 7 5/23 at ST John's Ronald Regan and the New Right

Picturing America Prezi Link:

Picturing America Resources:
Picturing America and Picturing New York:

Picturing America Home page:

Picturing America Educator Page:

Edsitement Home page:

Link To Frank's Resources:

Regan Resources;
These sites have speeches, documents, photographs, videos, oral histories, historical and biographical information, and lesson plans.